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Instagram: @shiangcc

Behance: @shiangcc


Hello, I am Shiang (pronounced as Sian.)


I am a Taiwanese illustrator currently locating in Brighton, UK.

My art is inspired by Taiwanese elements and rock music with the touch of graphic. Usually draw in digital but I also love the texture from traditional materials. Watercolour, guache, pencils, ink, linocut and embossing are also used in my work as well.


For me, art is a world with boundless possibilities and I hope to convey my ideas through illustrations that words cannot describe. 


“What's The Story?” Solo Shows
June @ Oasis Tavern Xinyin
July @ Beckhome
August @ Cun Siou Jia
September @ Oasis Tavern Xinyin


“Untitled A4” Group Show
June – August @ WOW BRAVO & FUNKY RAP

Musée d’Orsay-min
Name and observing drawing were mentioned on Musée d’Orsay’s official Instagram. (


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